It’s not too late to sign up for our 2022 organic CSA boxes!

Sign up for our boxes (the price will be adjusted based on how many weeks are left for the season) or try our trial box! Going on vacation? We can accommodate you!

Looking for tasty local organic vegetables this year? Registration is now open for our CSA Vegetable boxes. By signing up for our vegetable box, you’ll not only eat farm fresh organic veggies during the season, you’ll also get our weekly e-newsletter with news from the farm, a photo of your box, and our favourite plant-based recipes featuring the veggies from your box! You’ll definitely learn a lot about how your veggies are grown!

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Fresh, Local, Organic… and Delicious

Here are the best ways to get your hands on our freshly picked, local and organic veggies… and to support us:            

CSA Vegetable Box:
Signing up for our vegetables boxes is the best way to get our veggies all season long. We offer organic vegetable boxes on a weekly and bi-weekly basis at various drop-offs in Ottawa and in Outaouais from late June to early October.                       [maxbutton id=”6″]

Farm Kiosk: 
 We also have farm kiosk which is open every Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon (July to September)It is a great opportunity to come visit our farm and to come discover the small and big treasures our region has to offer (Plaisance Falls, Forêt-La-Blanche Ecological Reserve, etc.)
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