Prizes & Awards

We have been fortunate to receive some prizes and awards highlighting the success of our farm, our entrepreneurial spirit, our innovation skills, our competence and our commitment to our community.

We are extremely honoured to receive these awards and distinctions. It confirms that we are on a good path and it gives us even more courage for the road ahead.

Agriculture is such a beautiful field… and way of life! We are truly blessed to be family farmers: a profession we are passionate about!

If we received these awards, it’s largely because we were fortunate enough to have on our path, in addition to our wonderful families, lots of amazing people who supported and helped us. We sincerely thank the dynamic people from MAPAQ (and especially those from the MAPAQ Regional Directorate in Outaouais ), the Financière agricole du Québec , the Plateforme agricole de L’Ange-Gardien, and the Fonds d’Investissement pour la relève agricole. Thank you for believing in our potential, for helping us grow our business, and for helping us access land. We also thank the Réseau des fermiers de famille and all the farmers who are part of it and who paved the way for us!

But most of all, a big thank you to all of you, dear citizens, who buy our vegetables and support local agriculture. We could do what we do without you!

Long live new farmers and family farming in Quebec! We are so proud to be part of it!


Jim and Gen received their "Relève agricole 2018" Prize from Quebec's Agriculture Minister, André Lamontagne.


  • Ordre national du mérite agricole 2018: Title of Knight with the  Grand mérite mention in the Bronze category – See the farm profile video 

Jim and Gen at the awards ceremony of the "Ordre national du mérite agricole" surrounded by (right to left) Daniel Berthiaume, Maryse Harnois & Isabelle McComeau of the MAPAQ Regional Directorate in Outaouais.

  • Oxfam’s Female Food Heroes (2012)